Skim Milk: Not As Healthy As It Seems; Whole-Fat Milk Much Better?

By Joshua Williams, Parent Herald November 20, 01:45 pm

Milk contains calcium and vitamins essential for the children's bone and growth. Therefore, children are advised to consume more calcium-enriched diets like yogurt, cheese and butter, and  it as a basic component in their daily diet.

Due to such an importance, milk has been experimented to make it even better and of the ways is by reducing its fat content. The U.S. and Canadian Pediatrician Association said that more benefits have been observed from whole fat milk than low-fat milk, according to the National Post.

Kids who had consumption of whole full cream milk were healthy and lean and had less vitamin D deficiency in them. Studies proved that children who used fatless or low-fat milk had considerably more BMI. Some researchers, however, speculate that whole milk is heavier and it gives kids a fullness feel. As a result, they eat less food and apparently they have less weight.

Furthermore, it is evident that whole milk contains more Vitamin D content due to its higher fat concentration. In the United States, the number of children drinking whole milk is higher than that of those who drink skim milk. Elder people are asked to start using fat-free milk but it turns out that whole fat milk is more beneficial for young kids.

According to Today, a study revealed that infants can not digest whole cow milk until the age of two. It is advisable to give supplements and low-fat milk to infants. Another important factor in the U.S. is consumption of sugar and sweets, such edibles are already fat enriched and pediatrician suggests that a calorie count check should be kept in feeding children.

The use of low-fat milk is common in children especially some concerns such as obesity. But recent studies showed low-fat milk are challenging the effects on children health, just like obesity. Statistics showed that among young children full fat milk does not increase weight.

So, which do you think is heathier — whole milk or skim milk? Sound off below and follow Parent Herald fro more and updates.   

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