Age-ideal Apps For Children

Educating children used to be limited to the four walls of the educational institutions but the onset of technology has provided parents an additional, sometimes an alternative method of teaching children through apps. Thanks to these portable computer gadgets, it is now a lot easier to entertain children and not let them get bored while still educating them at the same time.

Apps are now available in various gadgets including tablets and even smartphones. There are even tablets designed specifically for children so parents can make sure that these gadgets are safe and appropriate for children.

Macworld said there are thousands of apps compatible with smartphones, iPad, iPhone, Android or even tablets but parents should be wary when choosing which apps they choose for their children. It is best to choose apps that do not only entertain but also educate the children such as Math Apps or English Apps.

St. Louis Post Today said there are a variety of choice for free children's apps online. However, a report by the The American Academy of Pediatrics indicated that children below the age of 24 months or two years old should not get too much screen exposure. Older children can however be given up to one hour per day to view or play with age-appropriate apps.

Parents who want to develop their children's talent in math can go for Blackboard Madness. PC Advisor said this app is ideal for children below five years old. This is a free, fast-paced game that will also teach children about addition, multiplication, subtractions and division. Mini Road Trip is another game ideal for children two to five years old as it teaches them the basics of going on a road trip such as packing a suitcase and choosing a destination.

Parents said Dexteria Dots 2 is also another app that will improve the child's fine motor and math skills. By combining and dividing the dots, children are able to solve the given problem. If the intention is to teach children to love words then Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss would be a good choice.

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