Gisele Bündchen's Healthy Trick For Children: A Bowl Of Acai Berries And Banana Served As Icecream?

By Grace Jones, Parent Herald November 23, 06:15 pm

Pouring Cheerios cereal into bowls which have that irresistible taste of golden honey advertised to  provide 12 essential vitamins and minerals are quite handy in the morning for children - while heating up a strong coffee on the side. This is a somewhat typical scenario in American homes but not at supermodel Gisele Bündchen's kitchen.

Her children, six-year-old Benjamin, three-year-old Vivian, and nine-year-old stepson Jack, whom she raise with football icon Tom Brady, aren't gulping breakfast cereal like most children. They have scrambled eggs with gluten-free toast or bread made from natural grains, and some avocado. Sometimes, with coconut yogurt. As requested, Bündchen can cook gluten-free pancakes too.

Bündchen normally starts her day with "lukewarm water dashed with lemon." "Homemade green juice" normally follows. The drink is a mixture of anything  organic from the fridge like spinach, kale, cucumber, celery, ginger, and turmeric which has many health benefits.

She also adds apple that can add up some sweetness on the drink. Believe this or not, Bündchen's treat for the kids is an acai bowl with berries and banana. She enticed them by declaring it's ice cream and why not? Aside from their anti-aging and weight-loss elements, they can pass as ice cream, as per WebMD.

You can actually make an Acai Banana by processing the bejeebus out of frozen bananas easily using a food processor and add in Nutella Banana. The result is a vegan treat. it's a paleo-friendly indulgence and you can opt for non-dairy or dairy-free ice cream option, based on Shared Appetite.

Occasional bowl of real ice cream won't kill them also. The beauty is in the balance. Brady's household is too much for most mom!s. Surviving the growing up years of children is tough enough. Mothers have their own ways to cope, and that is just how Bündchen likes it, according to Parents

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