Why A Six Months Pregnant Woman Uses Tinder To Look For Dates

By Dustin Lee, Parent Herald November 23, 10:39 am

A six-month pregnant woman may have diverted her attention to dating rather than being depressed after her separation with the baby's father. The woman shared her experience during a Sydney radio interview on Mike E and Emma on The Edge 96.1.

The expectant mother named Caitlin admitted that she has been seeing dates from Tinder though she does not keep her pregnancy a secret. "I don't necessarily tell the guys I'm talking to that I'm pregnant, I certainly don't keep it from them, I mean, when we meet up they obviously see that I'm pregnant," Caitlin said according to a report from News.com.au.

Caitlin also said that she did not receive positive feedbacks from her friends when they found out that she is looking for dates on Tinder. She did not mention, however, whether she struggled with depression when her relationship with the father of the child ended but she said she was doing it "for fun."

Listeners of the radio station expressed their opinions about using Tinder while pregnant and said that Caitlin is selfish and not thinking about the wellness of her child. However, Caitlin defended that she is prioritizing her health and doing the right things.

Could it be possible that Caitlin may be suffering from perinatal depression and she is just not aware of it? Clinical depression, according to research, affects up to 33 percent of women during pregnancy as per a report from Parents.com.

However, 20 percent of which do not receive proper medical attention and treatment is also inadequate. Additionally, screening for depression during pregnancy is not commonly conducted in hospitals so pregnant women who are suffering from the condition may not even know it.

In a report from Psychology Today, it is said that screening for depression in pregnant and postpartum women has been recommended by The United States Preventative Services Task Force. The task force claimed that depression screening programs for pregnant and postpartum women may reduce the prevalence of the condition and could also increase their response to remission or treatment.

What can you say about how Caitlin handles her pregnancy? Do you think that she may be suffering from perinatal depression? Let us know your thoughts by dropping a comment below.

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