'Overwatch' Season Updates Release, Latest News: Is Blizzard Hiding A Christmas Event? Find Out Here!

By Cat Speak, Parent Herald November 23, 06:15 pm

The Blizzard hit "Overwatch" has been graced with a number of post release improvements. These include content, "Overwatch" heroes and according to Blizzard Entertainment - most stimulating for fans - the seasonal events.

As Parent Herald cites, these seasonal "Overwatch" events were a great success for Blizzard with two more in the pipeline. Recently, new files were data-mined from the latest PTR patch. Findings indicate strong evidence that may suggest the next season themed "Overwatch" event will be this Christmas.

Redditor Venxa has been posting sound clips of the "Overwatch" PTR files. A new Christmas "Overwatch" theme can be heard via this Clyp link.

What "Overwatch" fans can likely expect from this Winter themed event is most likely new loot boxes with Christmas themed skins. Winston or Reinhardt in a Santa Claus outfit? Roadhog may be pushing it though.

Possibly even a new seasonal game type, as what "Overwatch" did with the Summer Games (the Soccer-styled Lucioball). "Overwatch" was given this similar treatment at Halloween (Junkenstein's Revenge).

Aside from the incoming Christmas seasonal event, the mined sound files reveal some more great in-game lore and character interactions. Particularly amusing is the interaction between "Overwatch" heroes Soldier 76 and Tracer:

Soldier 76: "You need to slow down, think about your actions."

Tracer: Okay, dad.

"Overwatch" investigators also found an obscure reference to the late Western movie genre stalwart Joel McCree. This interaction had been with latest "Overwatch" hero Sombra.

Sombra: Pleasure working with your, McCree... If that is your real name.

McCree: Don't know what you heard, but my name's not Joel. Best remember that.

One particular line breaks the fourth wall, with attention to online gamers who illegally hack their way to victory, often making it difficult for those with real skill to be given credit. This soundbyte, again, involves "Overwatch" hero Sombra.

Other lines indicate a general dislike for Sombra and her behavior by fellow "Overwatch" heroes. The list is worth checking out over at Venxa's Reddit page. Bear in mind that it's probably still being updated as new lines are discovered.

Overwatch is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on Blizzard's own Battlenet.net platform. Share your "Overwatch" thoughts in the discussion section below.

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