Parenting: The American Way

By Joshua Williams, Parent Herald November 23, 07:20 pm

History is not just learning about facts and stories from books but also explaining the culture and diversity of a land including the untold and less heard stories. American history is a history of struggle, fight and taking a stand for what Americans believe in.

America has been hustling with the elections and now that they are over, Thanksgiving is near, Christmas is coming, and preparations are in order. This might be the only time when parents could discuss with children some important things such as why American values should be cherished not only in the country but all across the world.

According to Herald Tribune, parents could enlighten children about America's history and American people's achievements. Americans are the inventors of the telephone, the refrigerator, the light bulb, denim, television, the internet and many more useful inventions. These inventions and discoveries are not the only trademarks. The inventors are the real inspirations, and they devoted their lives to the wellness and development of humankind.

Parents must take time and educate their children about the American nation, its bravery, the devotion. The American Society is consists of diverse ethnicity and race, and children must learn all about it. It is important to visit historical places with kids and provide information to them. Tell them stories of the founding fathers and their lives, encourage them to watch documentaries and movies based on the history of America.

Children find inspiration and motivation in traditional ways. The Signal tells the story of California school's fourth-grade students who follow the traditional music and create their renditions. It is evident that children look up to the historical examples in different areas of life, therefore it is a responsibility of the parents to give them a proper understanding of their tradition and culture so that when they choose to seek inspiration in science, music, arts, literature and other subjects from their past, they know what and where to look.

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