Health Care Still Not Accessible To Many Children In The U.S?

By Joshua Williams, Parent Herald November 23, 11:55 pm

Health care is the top most basic necessity of every child. World Health Organization has been working hard to provide health care to children all around the world.

The number of children in the United States who have no health insurance is getting lower but there are still many kids out there who have no access to basic health care facilities. According to Children's Health Fund, 20 million children in the U.S. are still not able to obtain basic health care and even children with health insurance are facing difficulties in attaining proper care.

Children's Health Fund co-founder and president Dr. Irwin Redlener is performing a study to assess the percentage of children who are getting primary care and medical aid. According to Irwin, America has a long road ahead to give complete health care assurance to their 73 million children.

There is a general misconception that providing health insurance to a maximum number of children can actually provide basic health care facilities to them. Children's Health Fund also look forward to the proposals of the new administration as the newly-elected President Donald Trump is getting ready to assume the presidential duties soon.

Experts also advised more funding for health care institutions, which can give care to low-income families. Health literature and awareness should also be a concern of schools and campaigns to make people understand the importance of prevention of diseases are also a must.

Recently, Dallas News issued a report in which Trump's views on health care were highlighted. The president-elect is likely to improvise the health care act and analysts are worried that in such tough times, such a modification will affect the country badly.

The news and possibility of unaffordable health care are horrifying and it would directly hurt the economy as unhealthy people can not contribute to the workforce of the country. The publication also said the change in the health care act will affect minorities, single moms and low-income families the most. But for now, some remained optimistic on what Trump could do to better improve the health care system of the United States. 

What do you think Donald Trump should do to address the health care issues of America? Share your thoughts below.  

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