Toddler's Photo Rallying Against Trump Is Going Viral; Know Why

By Dianne Franc, Parent Herald November 24, 10:17 am

After the winning of Donald Trump as the president of the United States, a toddler's photo is now going viral online as it was taken during a protest in Los Angeles on November 12. His mom brought him into the crowd to a carry a sign that says, "If he builds a wall, I'll grow up and tear it down."

In an article published by The Huffington Post, the protest in Down Town Los Angeles made a 3-year-old boy, Kaio Pinho, instantly famous because of the sign his mother told him to hold during the said event. It was then captured the eyes of a photographer, Abigail Gordon, who happened to be in the area. She then took a picture of little Kaio saying she was captivated on how he looked so serious and determined like the adults rallying for what they believed in.

According to the LA Times, this is such a massive protest in LA that involved a lot of students and immigrants who were so disappointed about Trump winning this election. They are all against his plan to deport a lot of people, and one of them was Kaio's mom Brisa Pinho, who has a dual citizenship of being a Brazilian-American. When asked about what exactly did she mean when she wrote the sign and handed it to her son, her reply was deep and something you won't expect.

Brisa said that the wall she wrote on the sign is a metaphor for hate, racism and even xenophobia that if Trump would build it in the future, her son and his generation would tear it down. Hence, she let her son held the sign for her. It is both creative and philosophical at the same time. Kaio's mother also believed that parents should teach their kids to be involved in something huge like this, so they know how to voice out their opinion.

Do you think that the toddler's mom was right about bringing her child in a protest like this? Place your answer in the box below.

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