Parenting Style: Raising Sons Differently Than Daughters Breeds Gender Bias; What Parents Must Do

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald November 25, 05:50 am

There is no rule or law that orders parents to raise their sons differently than their daughters. Yet perhaps unknowingly, some parents might have perpetuated the gender bias based on how they were raised themselves. What can parents do to ensure that the kids are raised the same way regardless of gender?

Single mother Stacey Freeman of Pop Sugar shared her experience about raising her son differently than her two older girls. She relates how she has properly trained her daughters to clean up after themselves and share in the housework but failed to do the same for her youngest boy.

Stacey Freeman also shares that in her marriage, she took on the responsibility that women are supposed to tackle the upkeep at home, while her then husband contributed little to the chores because he goes to work. She saw the same thing from her own parents. "I watched my mother cater to my father, never once making demands that he help out around the house," she wrote.

The single mom recently realized how this setup affected her children, especially her son who thought he didn't need to do the chores like his sisters. Stacey Freeman had to make changes in order to teach her kids they are all equal. Everyone was expected to do their fair share at home, regardless.

Gender bias exists the day children come to this world. Early on, parents already assign the gender roles. A study done by the New York Times indicated that parents do setup different standards for their children based on their gender and the practice is widespread. Much of this is apparently rooted in biology and social conformity, hence the cycle on gender bias continues.

But like Stacey Freeman did, she ensured that this cycle is broken from hereon. It's time for parents to change their style when it comes to raising sons and daughters. Phd In Parenting offers a few suggestions on where to begin teaching the kids that gender roles should be equal. Parents have to stress to their sons and daughters that although privileges and chores might be different between girls and boys, everything falls under the same rules.

Is the situation the same for your household with your sons and daughters? Share your stories in the comments section below!

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