Rosie O'Donnell Slammed For Promoting Baron Trump's Autism Rumors

Barron Trump is recently in the headlines as speculations emerged that the President, Donald Trump's son, Barron Trump is diagnosed with autism. One of the well-loved Hollywood celebrities, Rosie O'Donnell was caught under fire after her fans slammed her for promoting Barron Trump's autism rumor.

Donald Trump's 10-yearold first made the headlines after he almost fell asleep during one of his father's speeches. It was then reported that Barron Trump is diagnosed with autism, which turned out to be rumors. To add fuel to the fire in regards to his autism speculations, it was mentioned that TV personality Rosie O'Donnell keeps promoting Barron Trumps autism rumors.

Part of what Rosie O'Donnell stated that sparked outrage was the way she taunted Barron Trump, which should not have been a huge deal. Rosie O'Donnell's remarks should not have been a big deal, but it throws shade to Barron's autism rumors, which upset most of her fans according to Fox News.

"Barron Trump Autistic? If so, what an amazing opportunity to bring attention to the autism epidemic," Rosie O'Donnell stated during her speech.

In defense of her actions, Rosie O'Donell highlighted that she was just raising awareness as the autism epidemic continually spread, and thousands of children are still left undiagnosed. Rosie O'Donnell's autism awareness turned out to be negative as if received negative backlash from the entire autism community.

Rosie O'Donnell have been making rounds in the headlines almost every year. The TV personality was also slammed after exposing her daughter's mental health struggles. Her remarks regarding 19-year-old daughter's autism started when Chelsea O'Donnell ran away and refused to go back to her mother. In response to her mother's mental health claims, however, Chelsea O'Donnell posted a tweet where she highlighted that the reason that she ran away was due to neglect.

President-elect Donald Trump remained mum on his son's condition up to this date. As a parent, what would be your response in regards to Barron Trump's autism speculation?

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