Teens And Uber Use: Parents Blast Uber Driver For Buying 15-Year-Old Alcohol; Incident Sheds Light On Uber Policy Loophole

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald November 29, 01:52 am

The parents of a 15-year-old boy in Auckland, New Zealand are enraged that an Uber driver agreed to buy alcohol for their son. The incident has already been reported to the New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA) and an investigation is being conducted.

Uber is said to be cooperating with the authorities as well and has expressed it will terminate the services of the driver if the allegations are proven true, New Zealand Herald reports. It's still unclear how the teen was able to book the service or if his parents were aware of it.

The incident might as well mirror what could also happen in the United States as Uber service is fast-becoming a necessity for many families. The Washington Post reports that app-based car services like Uber appeal to busy parents because of the conveniences.

With just a tap on the app on their smartphone, they can book a ride for their children to take them to practices, after-school events and other activities. They do not have to worry about parking, traffic or being late for appointments with this affordable service. Best of all, they can keep track of their kids via the Uber app. It gives the parents a sense of safety and security.

Along with the conveniences, however, come several downsides, including the fact that technically, Uber isn't supposed to service riders below the age of 18 as written in their guidelines, according to Huffington Post. Yet digital-savvy teenagers have the Uber app on their smartphones as well and it's easy to open an account as there is no age limitation prompts. Teenagers can simply input their parents' credit card numbers and use Uber service before their moms even find out about it.

According to CBS News Cleveland 19, Uber leaves it up to their drivers to enforce the rule against kids below 18-year-old who have booked their services. As the news outlet discovers, most drivers aren't even aware they cannot allow minors unless the ride has been booked by the parents themselves.

Do you use Uber? Do you use the services for our kids and are you aware of what can likely happen? Share your experience in the comments below!

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