Your Drink Of Choice Tells A LOT About Your Parenting Style! Here's How

Parenting styles are influenced by several factors but do you know that a person's drink of choice indicates what kind of a parent they are? Drinks may seem innocent at times, with moms and dads using them to unwind after a long day at work. However, it turns out that these drinks hold a deeper meaning when it comes to raising children.

According to VinePair, mothers who have wine as their drink of choice are "deep in the parenting trenches." Moms who favor wine above other drinks are more likely to have more than one young child. They can be helicopter parents occasionally and are too involved in all of her child's activities whether it's school or leisure-related.

A separate report from VinePair stated that some moms view drinking wine at the end of a challenging day as "a beacon in the darkest of nights." And the drink is not just a form of relaxation. Medical News Today said that moderate wine consumption can reduce depression risk, prevent colon and breast cancers, and keep dementia at bay. Wine also has anti-aging properties.

Mothers who drink beer, on the other hand, are more of the laissez-fare kind of parent. These parents don't intervene much and often exhibit a "kids will be kids" attitude. This means that they are not helicopter parents unlike moms who favor wine.

Parents who have martini as their drink of choice are more likely to be busy all the time. These parents balance parenting and a career that he/she loves, though he/she is usually worried about one of them falling through the cracks. Parents who favor martini above other drinks usually compensate and are typically guilty about being a working mom.

Mothers who prefer drinking margarita are seen as "the fun one" because of her penchant to tell outrageous tales and jokes that make the people around her laugh. Her kids can be embarrassed by her but the child's friends typically want to hang out with her.

Margarita drinkers set rules but also allow their children to make mistakes and experiment with their life's choices. A mother who always drinks margarita isn't guilty over her "me time" because she believes that those moments help her be a better parent.

Mothers who have champagne or any bubbly drink as their choice is "an empty nester," VinePair noted. These moms have survived the most challenging aspects of parenting and have gone on to share advice to their friends who aren't on the same path yet. Usually, mothers who drink champagne are enjoying the pros of having grownup kids living away from home.

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