Drug-Addicted Parents: The Reason Why Authorities Are Taking More Children Into Custody

By Joshua Williams, Parent Herald November 29, 10:09 pm

Drugs could help, only when they treat some illness but when drugs create illness, then they are nothing but a menace. Drugs addicts are not only on the verge of self-destruction but also they tend to create a lot of problems for those who are related to them.

The significance of parents in a child's life is incomparable. But when parents are drug addicts, children are ruined or left broken inside.

According to NBC 2, infants were recently found dead in Southwest Florida. Collier County deputies found the premises messy with signs of drugs.

Due to such events, authorities are intervening and shifting children under child care services. Florida officials reveal that in the past couple of years the number of children in foster care has raised about 24 percent.

The residents of Florida are highly concerned and claimed that they have never witnessed this much drug addiction before. People need to get proper education and get better, they added.

Children getting affected by parents drug addiction is not just limited to Florida. Matters are worse in Tennessee too. The Tennessean reports Knoxville county juvenile court judge Tim Irwin has been hearing a lot of cases regarding parents' rights over children, especially in cases where parents are addicted to some sort of drug but Irwin says medical documentation of drug-addicted parents is a decisive factor in putting children in custody.

Judge Irwin attended a huge number of such cases and considered it very depressing, emphasizing the fact that leaving a child under the care of an addict is dangerous. Like Florida, the number of children in foster care has increased tremendously in Tennessee.

The state also has the second highest number of drug addicts in the country. But what's more disturbing as per the officials is the reality that these children can't be left under the care of relatives as most of them are addicted to drugs as well.

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