Everything Women Have To Know About Freezing Their Egg And How Much It Costs

By Dianne Franc, Parent Herald November 29, 08:42 am

To most women, getting pregnant and being a mother is so important, but not all are given the opportunity to experience it. But thanks to technology, this is about to change now that freezing a woman's egg is now being practiced to improve fertility and even have a healthy pregnancy.

In an article published by KHOU, lots of women are now going for the option of freezing their eggs in case they want to raise a family one day. This is often done by women who are so busy with their career and women who still has not found the right man yet to procreate. Most of the time, single women whose age ranges from 30-40 are the ones who are choosing to go to this path.

But how exactly is the process of freezing your eggs take place and more importantly, how much does it cost? According to the website of USC Fertility, it is just like going for in-vitro fertilization. Vitrification is one way to freeze an egg, which is also the most common method aside from slow-freezing it. A woman would be injected a hormone for this process, and it is known for those who are doing IVF or in-vitro fertilization. Its difference is that once the eggs are retrieved from the woman, they will freeze it for a particular span of time. After that is the thawing of the egg followed by fertilization before it is transferred to a woman's uterus to be an embryo.

To women who would choose to have their eggs frozen, they must prepare an amount of $6000 up to $9000. It does cost a lot, but many have agreed that it is worth it. They won't have to worry about infertility in the future should the time comes that they finally want to have a child and raise a family.

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