Ever Had Experience Working With Child Mental Health Services?

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald November 29, 06:06 pm

A recent survey was conducted to find out the experience of various teachers, social and mental health care workers. The survey was focused on finding their viewpoints on child and adolescents mental health services.

The Guardian says that the social workers and mental health care workers play an important role in building children's mental health up. Their efforts play an important role in putting a positive impact on their personalities. Their consistent efforts solve anxiety issues and depression prevalent in children.

The workers associated with the services that promise to provide good child mental care are in distress. According to them providing good mental and social care is a single area of weakness in these services that need to be tackled soon. Many families were also found to be disappointed at the conduct of these services, as according to them these services are not up to the mark as they were in the past.

This issue has become a serious one as it is related to children's mental health. Healthy young minds are the foremost priority of this global society. So weak services regarding tackling child anxiety issues and their violent behavior are probably not good news for this world.

The professionals working with these services are also observing the inadequacy of the services to provide adequate help to the ones in need. These workers were inquired of their viewpoints, and they said similar things that were being observed for so long. They admit that they are unable to provide the required help.

There are several reasons for these services to lack in this area. Time pressures, lack of staff, unavailability of required beds, all of these contribute to the consequence being witnessed. Potential steps are required to be taken to improve these services to ensure better child mental health.

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