BreakThrough In Treating HIV: A New Antibody Reportedly Neutralizes 98% Of HIV Strands

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald November 27, 09:23 pm

A miraculous discovery has been taken place and this may be the turning point in which the human civilization leaps forth and invents a cure that has remained incurable throughout history, the malicious disease that goes by the name of HIV.

According to a report, a remedy to the spread of Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV) that leads to Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome(AIDS) has been discovered. This may prove a milestone in the study of preventing and treating HIV.

The remedy is a powerful antibody called N6. This antibody can bind to HIV surface and neutralize it. All the antibodies discovered up till now were unable to bind to HIV as it immediately changed its surface proteins and did not let the antibodies do their work. N6 was discovered in an HIV positive individual. This antibody has been found out to bind to almost 98% of the HIV strands, rendering them inactive. Only sixteen to twenty HIV strands were found resistant to this antibody and other antibodies of the same class.

N6 works by binding to CD4 cells present on the surface of HIV, as the CD4 cells binding site is unavailable so the HIV is unable to bind to host's immune cells and the spread of the virus is finally prevented. This discovery is good news to so many people. With proper professional guidance and correct precautionary measures, the spread of HIV shall become easy to control, according to The Guardian.

The prospects of N6 go beyond the prevention and spread of HIV.If the mechanism of this particular antibody is understood, and research is conducted keeping the mechanism understood, several other antibodies can be developed to treat other viral diseases.

Nonetheless, this discovery is going to impact medicine a lot.Several people can be saved from dying of AIDS. N6 is a great discovery. This antibody is a ray of hope in the life of so many people who are victims of HIV. The fact that it can neutralize almost all the HIV strands so it is going to improve the prevention and treatment methods at a larger scale and to a great extent.

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