'Making A Murderer' Season 2: Steven Avery's Release Nears? More Evidence Ordered For Re-Tests

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald November 30, 05:00 am

"Making a Murderer" subject Steven Avery might finally get the break he wants. A judge has ordered more evidence for re-testing, which could shed new light on his decade-long case and usher his release from prison.

The order to re-tests evidence was carried out Wednesday, Nov. 23, in line with Steven Avery's appeal. This is with regards to his 2007 conviction for the murder of Teresa Halbach, as seen on "Making a Murderer."

The evidence for re-testing mostly connects to the blood stains and flecks found in the Toyota RAV4 that Teresa Halbach owned. Forensic tests were not done until years later even as this vehicle was impounded at a Madison crime lab, according to Herald Times Reporter.

Steven Avery's lawyer Katherine Zeller said that the re-testing will confirm if previous DNA swabs and samples have been fabricated by the police. It will prove her "Making a Murderer" client innocent of the crime. She also said that in line with the re-testing, the case has new witnesses coming forward to help exonerate Steven Avery, according to Esquire.

The lawyer sought for the re-test last August. Around the same time, Steven Avery's nephew and alleged accomplice to the murder, Brendan Dassey, was ordered released from prison after 10 years of incarceration. The judge cites that his confessions have been coerced by authorities as shown on "Making a Murderer."

Up to now, however, Brendan Dassey is still in prison following appeals from the state that he shouldn't be released. He was supposed to already be spending Thanksgiving with his family. Mirror reports that he had turkey and chocolate milk in his cell instead.

Teresa Halbach, a photographer, had been missing in 2005. She was last known to have contacted Steven Avery, who was then arrested, tried and then convicted two years later along with his nephew. Their story has been documented in "Making a Murderer," which will continue with Season 2 on Netflix in 2017.

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