Dylan O'Brien Returns To 'Teen Wolf' And 'American Assassin'! Actor To File Lawsuit On 'Maze Runner' Accident?

By Ella Rozic, Parent Herald November 30, 03:10 am

Dylan O'Brien is finally back into business after his "Mazer Runner" stunt accident in March. The "Teen Wolf" actor has returned to play his character Stiles and fans can expect to see more of the actor in the latter part of the season.

His colleague in "American Assassin" also shared a photo on Twitter confirming O'Brien's return on the set. The "American Assassin" was taped in Rome and there were videos showing Dylan O'Brien's attendance on the set. Of course, these went viral online creating several speculations about his return.

 O'Brien's fitness coach Roger Juan revealed in previous reports that the actor needed a full facial reconstruction surgery after his accident. Recent photos of O'Brien showed that the actor's face has healed nicely. In the "American Assassin" set, the actor can be seen looking well and fit.

According to reports, the 25-year-old actor is now feeling good and looking great than ever. We can recall that O'Brien was in an accident last March as he performed some stunts for the movie "Maze Runner".

Fans are expecting the "Teen Wolf" actor not to do any dangerous stunts in his current roles as they are worried about O'Brien. Nobody wants anybody to be put in danger, and fans could not afford to see O'Brien taking the risk anymore.

The "Maze Runner" accident almost ended the actor's life. O'Brien was sternly injured as he performed a risky stunt of climbing and transferring from one moving car to another.

O'Brien's return is surely a great news for everybody. This is the first time he came back from his accident.

The actor did not release any statement regarding his return nor did he comment about his accident. Supporters of his films can check his posts on his social media account (Twitter).

Fans are wondering if Dylan O'Brien will continue to play his role in "Maze Runner". As per the actor, "Maze Runner" is not on his priority list but the movie executives are insistent on getting him back on track.

Some reports suggest that Dylan O'Brien "silence" regarding the incident is his way of coping up with the trauma or maybe he just doesn't feel the need to discuss the matter just yet. On the other hand, some speculations imply that this "silence" means that Dylan O'Brien is up to something - maybe a lawsuit of some sort.

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