Climate Change LATEST Update: Adverse Effects May Wipe Out A Lot Of Island Nations Soon Enough!

By Paul Urban, Parent Herald November 30, 03:01 am

Climate change has been one of the longest standing human beings are facing. This is brought about by excessive carbon emissions all produced to human technology as it progressed over the years. The adverse effects of climate change has been felt, with long-lasting droughts, strongest hurricanes and intense and extremely harsh winters.

According to Business Insider, the world is getting warmer and that is causing disasters that will devastate more lives and cost billions of dollars. The problem is certainly growing according to recent reports by United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the White House.

The greenhouse emissions that contribute to global warming significantly exceeded the high concentrations recorded in ice cores during past 800,000 years. The atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have risen to staggering 40 percent since the pre-industrial times.

One of the adverse effects of climate change is additional hundreds and billions of dollars a year. By 2030, climate change costs are projected to cost global economy an estimated $700 billion annually. This is brought about by disaster relief operations and amount incurred because of several climate change related catastrophes.

Other adverse effects of climate change are the intermittent and unpredictable weather systems. Some areas experience snow during winter, tropical countries experience the worst recorded typhoons and hurricanes.

The latest addition to such large scale typhoon happened in the Philippines back back on Nov. 2013. Typhoon Haiyan, locally known as Yolanda claimed lives of over 5,000 individuals and total destruction to the stricken areas amounted to over a billion dollars. This typhoon is the largest and strongest typhoon ever recorded to make landfall.

Just recently, there was also Hurricane Matthew which devastated the Caribbean. It may not be as strong as Haiyan but it still did significant damage to life and property.

As added by Nature, as ocean water warms, it expands and causes sea-level to rise. The rising of the water melts glaciers. This is one major concern especially the little islands around the Pacific which are in danger for being completely submerged.

It is reported the island nation of Maldives is already experiencing this at present. Some islands of Maldives, found in the Indian Ocean have been significantly submerged thus making total land area decrease annually. This may not only be the case for Maldives if climate change continues because of human's disregard to nature.

The adverse effects of climate change are all being felt. It should make people concern that the struggle is real and the threat is present before everything is too late.

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