Stephen Hawking Says Humans Are Doomed As Asteroid Will Hit Earth And End Human Existence! [DETAILS HERE]

By Paul Urban, Parent Herald November 30, 08:56 am

Aside from natural disasters happening here on Earth, humans are petrified of the fact that an asteroid may hit and eventually end human existence. This already happened several million years ago and the possibility of it happening again is being closely monitored. Asteroid hitting Earth according to Stephen Hawking is one that may put an end to the human race in the next 1,000 years from now.

According to Nature World News, an asteroid hitting Earth according to Stephen Hawking will happen by 3016. This means humans only have around 1,000 years to live on Earth. From a speech he made at the Oxford University Union, he said that climate change and nuclear weapons also pose a threat to human existence.

Genetically engineered viruses may also endanger human race as this can be the new mode of weapon should another World War happen. He even suggested exploring the outer space as a place for humans to relocate.

This is definitely not going to fruition anytime soon but it is possible. Recent studies have been conducted for the course of several years to find the viability of living on Mars, it closely resembling Earth's atmosphere and topography.

Asteroid hitting Earth according to Stephen Hawking is one to watch out for as well. Asteroids are floating and flying around the solar system with a good number hovering close to Earth. He said that Earth's demise will happen not by a nuclear weapon, natural disasters or chemical warfare, it will because of an asteroid collision.

He said we only know 15 to 20 percent of the objects which are larger than a few meters in size. If these bodies hit Earth, they can cause regional damage across a country or even an entire continent.

As added by Express, Stephen Hawking added that one of the major threats to intelligent life in the universe is the high probability of an asteroid colliding with inhabited planets. A thousand years is definitely a long time from now, but it is bone-chilling to think of it as a possibility.

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