Sick Days: A Thing Of The Past?

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald November 30, 09:50 am

Staying home and resting is now progressively has become a thing of the past. This is so because most people are fed up of their monotonous routines. Nowadays people usually decide to take a break because they are feeling weary of the daily nine to five office routine, or have some other stresses.

Contrary to that,it was mentioned that even when people fell ill, they still continue to go to work and run their business. So the idea of 'sick days' does not exist in this global world.

Times have changed, Recruiting Times also says, and the lifestyle is quite different from what it was supposed to be. The situation has been found to be similar among most of the workers, according to a study conducted by psychologists.

Workaholics who enjoy doing their work avoid skipping their work due to some illness or physical injury. The ambitious approach and the race of being number one refrain people from taking a break and enjoying life in today's race. The only case where people are found to experience sick days is when they are tired of their work, they are not physically ill, but it is the mental illness that forces them to have a holiday and take some rest.

Another reason why people avoid taking a holiday is that the employer offers a limited number of leaves per year, so they cannot just waste a potential holiday and are left in distress when the holiday is required that is in the case of an emergency.

Constant work may lessen the potential abilities of a man. This is an unhealthy lifestyle and should be avoided.Some break is necessary to lead a good mentally healthier life, and it helps to improve the abilities of a man to strive for his goals more efficiently

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