Latest Report Sheds Light On Maternal, Newborn and Infant Deaths: A Global Burden

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald November 29, 06:07 pm

According to a recent report, there has been an epidemic rise in maternal, newborn and young children deaths as a consequence of various undeniable factors. Undoubtedly, mortality rate is a thing that must be controlled in a population and in the past decades health rates were on the rise and infant mortality had reduced to a small fraction along with longer lives and improved healthcare. 

The report suggests that this global burden of death can be minimized through combined efforts of everyone, according to News MedicalThe main culprits behind this kind of deaths are hemorrhage, hypertension, maternal sepsis, prematurity, asphyxia, neonatal sepsis, childhood pneumonia, diarrhea, and malaria.

All these causes are preventable, so it is possible to prevent the deaths and minimize the increase, PR Newswire further says. It should be ensured that these heath objectives are achieved in a systematic manner through taking a step by step approach which will be conducive in tackling newborn and maternal deaths.

Various care methods like, extra care for mother and child, vaccination and active management of third stage trimester can minimize the death rate up to fifty percent.

Another key factors that can help in saving the life of child expecting mothers, newborns, and young children are the professionals and experts.These experts include various gynecologists, obstetrics, pediatricians, nurses and midwives. These experts belong to a noble profession already which is respected globally.If these experts perform their duties well then a better and healthier childhoods of children, good care of pregnant women and newborn children can be ensured.

Moreover, the environments at homes and workplaces also play an essential role in preventing these deaths. Good care is required to be taken of a pregnant woman at her home and workplace. Someone should take care of her meals, daily vitamin intake, etc.

Somebody should take her to regular physician checkups to remain updated with her increasing health change. Early vaccination of children should be made ensured. In a nutshell, combined efforts of all can overcome the increasing maternal newborns and young child deaths

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