Debugging Yourself From The Internet, Possible Or Not?

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald November 30, 09:28 am

Often people feel like cutting themselves off the internet but are unable to do because of all the security codes they have put in their accounts is not letting this to happen in a single process.

As it consumes a lot of time, so they decide to stay in this global web of internet and keep getting irritated from it, The Telegraph magazine says.

The solution to this particular problem has finally arrived. An online service has been launched, the URL to access this service is This service promises to delete an individual's existence from the internet by vanishing the online footprints.

This website vows to eliminate the online accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Evernote, Dribble, etc. by just a few clicks of PC's mouse. This is a great opportunity to vanish an individual's internet existence completely. This is an initiative of a Swedish developer, Wille Dahlbo.

The steps are quite easy. Firstly a login is required to Google email address. Now this step enables to list the various accounts of online services, apps, social media and website that were created through the email address signed in with.

Afterwards, the tool of this newly developed websites inquiries which of the accounts, the individual wants to delete or unsubscribe. After the accounts to be deleted are listed, a few more clicks to certain links deletes away every possible source of those accounts and the individual gets rid of them with this much of ease.

This website has a drawback; it can only delete accounts in less time with ease. This service is not equipped to delete the internet history of the activities of things done through those accounts. The number of likes shares and the comments still appear on other profiles that were added to the individual's Facebook. This is still a convenient option to delete internet existence easily.

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