Tech Savvy Parenting: Two Moms Create An Ultimate Parenting App To Ease Parents' Burdens - Check Out Winnie!

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald December 02, 04:00 am

Sara Mauskopf and Anne Halsall have built the ultimate parenting app that should make the lives of tech savvy parents easier. As technology use is already ingrained in most people's daily activities, the app comes at a right time because there is a lack of a go-to app for basic but valuable parenting information.

Sara Mauskopf saw the need for the parenting app when she became a mom herself. As a tech-savvy parent, she wanted an app that would help her connect with other parents who could give tips on the best family places, restaurants or activities. When she couldn't find anything useful, she built the Winnie parenting app with Anne Halsall.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Winnie works like Yelp. Parents can provide reviews of the sites they have visited and enjoyed with their families. They can also share information that might otherwise be omitted from a company's website, such as if there are changing tables or nursing areas in an establishment.

"We're tapping into parent's innate desire to give advice and help other parents," Sara Mauskopf told WSJ. The Silicon Valley mom also said that such information might be available to a few parenting groups. More often than not these are usually private and cannot easily be searched on the web. The app does away with these limitations.

Winnie also has other features as the app continues to evolve. Recently, it unveiled its photo-sharing feature. The app can mask faces of the children or places as a matter of privacy protection without ruining the entire picture.

"Parents love taking and sharing photos of their children, but rarely share them publicly especially when there are other people's children in the photo," Anne Halsall said in the press release. The photo can also be added to a local directory so that other parents will get an idea of what certain locations are like.

Curious about Winnie? Learn more about it in this video below.

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