Are You Still Watching 'X-Factor' Or Other Reality Competition Shows? Ratings Say Younger Audiences Prefer 'Planet Earth II'

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald December 02, 05:39 am

Younger audiences reportedly now prefer to watch "Planet Earth II" than the reality competition show "X-Factor." The host of "Planet Earth II," Sir David Attenborough then expressed that he is pleased to know that more young people are interested in his show.

"Planet Earth II" is BBC One's natural history program while "X-Factor" is a reality competition show of ITV. BBC reported that as per the figures of the ratings, the Sunday evening episodes of "X-Factor" for the 16-34 viewership bracket received 1.4 million viewers. As for "Planet Earth II," they have 100,000 more viewers of the same age group.

Sir David Attenborough was interviewed by Radio Times and he seemed pleased about the ratings. He shared, "I'm told we are attracting a larger than the normal number of younger viewers. Apparently, the music of Hans Zimmer, in particular, is striking a chord with the young. And that pleases me enormously."

The LAD Bible added that David Attenborough talked about the importance of the environment and his show. He shared with Radio Times that the environment is the environmental legacy that the younger generation will inherit. He said that the people need the youngsters to become environmental champions of the future that is why shows like "Planet Earth II" are very important.

The second episode of "Planet Earth II" also has the highest ratings of young viewers as it garnered 1.8 million. During that time, "X-Factor" had only 1.4 million viewers. "Planet Earth II" took for years to make and 40 countries were visited.

Moreover, the results show of "X-Factor" is said to have around 7 million viewership while "Planet Earth II" is expected to attract more than 12 million. ITV claims that "X-Factor" has a larger proportion when it comes to the total number of audiences. Both "Planet Earth II" and "X-Factor" air Sundays at 10:00 P.M.

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