How An IVF Calculator Will Help Determine Fertility And Infertility Among Women

By Dianne Franc, Parent Herald December 02, 12:42 pm

Women who want to be pregnant now has a way of knowing if they have a chance of conceiving using a pre-treatment calculator. This works for couples who chose to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF).

In an article published by Fox News, couples who always wanted to know if their IVF is going to be successful now has a way of knowing it. Doctors didn't always approve couples to calculate their chances of getting pregnant at least not until after a full cycle of IVF has been completed.

Experts believe that there are lots of things to consider before making a prediction with the success of pregnancy using IVF and these includes the nature of both the eggs and the sperm. They have to be of good quality for IVF to even take place.

This new calculator is changing the game of predicting the success of IVF pregnancy as doctors are not even against it. This device is called a pre-UVF-treatment calculator. It doesn't guarantee an exact timeframe of the pregnancy result but it does give an estimate if a woman could even get pregnant or not.

The researcher of this study, Dr. David McLernon, explained that women who choose to go through IVF are not into it for the chance of having a baby. The reason? They just want but to actually be assured to get pregnant even in their first attempt to do it.

Scientists used about 113,873 women who have completed 184,269 IVF cycles for the efficacy of the pre-treatment calculator. So far, about 29 percent of women experienced success after their first IVF cycle, while 43 percent were able to give birth after finishing 6 cycles.

Reuters also reported this device and they said that the advantage of having this is that couples would be able to save time and money knowing if IVF would even work for them. This calculator would help them make a decision if they would go through it since it calculates the chance of their success getting pregnant with IVF.

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