iMac Latest Updates: Apple Released Internal Memo To Refund iMac Owners For Hinge Repair

By Gerone Trish, Parent Herald December 02, 05:58 am

Good news for iMac users who have paid for an iMac display hinges replacement or repair, as Apple has reportedly made a statement to refund the said replacement or repair cost. The Cupertino-based company is willing to pay back about $100 for the said cost of repair.

According to the latest service document, which was distributed internally to all Authorized Apple Service Providers, there were several 27-inch iMacs, shipped from December 2012 to July 2014, which might encounter some issue on the display hinge. This defect will not allow the screen to adjust and tilt forward continuously. The service document specified that the issue can be rampant in the late 2012 and late 2013 models.

Apparently, Apple has received frequent complaints regarding this issue from their clients on the Apple Support Communities. iMac users have complained there was a cracking sound on the hinge, and eventually, becomes terminated.

The use of a plastic material on the washers in the spring mechanism of the hinge seems to be the culprit of the defect. The plastic washers were not durable enough to carry the weight of the iMac's display, hence users are encountering the issue on the hinge.

One iMac user named Mr. Mo-Fo gave out a complaint detailing that the hinge on his iMac suddenly cracked on its own, even if he was not using the PC that time. Mr. Mo-Fo said he was just watching TV when he suddenly heard a loud cracking sound and the screen of his iMac suddenly tilted forward.

Meanwhile, this refund gesture of Apple was not announced on its website. The details of the refunding on hinge repair cost were not released publicly as the company just released an internal memo to all Authorized Apple Service Providers. However, Macrumors claimed to have acquired a copy of this internal memo. iMac owners who are having this issue on the hinge may just contact Apple to claim and process the refund.

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