AIDS Cure Latest Updates: China Is Set To Launch Albuvirtide, World’s First Long-acting Intravenous Treatment For HIV

The new-generation anti-HIV drug for injection from China called Albuvirtide, is almost ready to take the global center stage. Albuvirtide is expected to be the very first long-acting intravenous remedy for HIV in the world.

The national drug watchdog of China has recently announced that the clinical research findings for the locally produced Albuvirtide for injection have been examined. This latest anti-HIV drug is already in its final phase, and just waiting for the official approval prior to its public release.

The Albuvirtide was developed by Frontier Biotechnologies Inc. from Nanjing China and was put into test in 12 various clinical centers across the nation. China has started conducting clinical trials of this new Albuvirtide since February of 2014. According to the clinical research results, this anti-HIV drug has the capacity to cut off the HIV life cycle even from its earliest stage.

According to Frontier Biotechnologies Inc., the Albuvirtide is effective on both the HIV-1 virus and other similar viruses, making it the very first long-acting anti-HIV drug to have entered phase-3 clinical trials. This anti-HIV drug has a fusion inhibitor which should be utilized with anti-retroviral drugs which are being used to treat those who are suffering from HIV who has undergone antiviral therapy.

Beijing Youan Hospital (BYH) conducted the national clinical trials of Albuvirtide and its medium-term experimental data of phase 3-clinical trials have been verified by the China Food and Drug Administration. The report also mentioned that Wu Hao, dean of BYH infectious diseases center, has told Xinhua that the medium-term experimental data has proven that one primary and three secondary endpoints of the trial have reached all expectations.

Wu Hao also added that Albuvirtide deems to be safer and more effective than other available drugs because this new anti-HIV drug, when taken at least once a week, can only result in minimal damage to the kidneys. Zhang, the government affairs manager of Frontier Biotechnologies Inc., revealed that the other HIV treatments available in China now are either sourced from other countries or just generic type, which have existed for twenty years ago, which is no longer as effective compared to the latest treatments, Yibada reported.

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