Epidemic On The Rise: 400 Children Get HIV Infection Daily!

AIDs is a great threat, especially in African countries where it is spreading faster every day. To raise awareness among such populations, different organizations are coming forward to initiate a change. Vaccines are also being prepared to minimize the damage as much as possible.

In the past HIV infections were not known, Elizabeth Glaser, one of the thousands of women who got infected via blood transfusion, passed the virus to her children. Daughter Ariel via breastfeeding and son Jake in Womb.

Time shares the struggle of Chip Lyons, the president and CEO of the Elizabeth Glaser pediatric foundation. She says that even though there have been efforts on raising awareness on Aids Issue, children are still getting HIV infection through their mothers. Almost 1.8 million children are infected with HIV worldwide. These children need early diagnosis and a proper medical assistance and they could still live healthy lives.

The U.S. government, regardless of their party affiliations, have made tremendous efforts towards treatment and prevention of AIDS in the past several years. They created an extraordinary campaign to help people in the areas that are most affected by HIV/AIDS. The campaign is called the Global plan and is a part of the U.S. government's emergency plan in collaboration with UNAIDS, EGPAF and other organizations.

The global plan has taken action in 21 countries in the African region where the HIV infection has done the most damage but in the past 15 years, the infections in children have been reduced by 60 percent. The campaign was very effective because of a proper plan and sufficient funds.

UNICEF reports show that even after campaigns and plans, more efforts are still required to eradicate the menace of AIDS. Almost two million adolescents are living with HIV infection but the campaigns to raise awareness and plans to treat those with infection still aim for an HIV-free world.

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