Having A Breech Pregnancy? What To Do

By alexa ancheta, Parent Herald December 05, 04:33 am

It may be easy for doctors to determine the position of a fetus in the womb but this can be a guessing game for mothers especially at the start of pregnancy. However, there are signs to watch out for to determine an unborn baby's position and mothers-to-be should watch out for these.

Pregnancy said the baby is most likely in the anterior position if the woman's navel pops out of the belly. However, the baby could be in the posterior position if the woman has a flatter tummy. Feeling the lump and the baby's movements can also give away its position inside the womb.

The uterus has enough room for the fetus during the whole pregnancy even as babies turn into the normal or head-down position as the pregnancy reaches its 36th week. Web MD said this is the safest birth position but this is not always the case since in four out of every 100 births, the baby does not take the head-down position but instead take the breech position which usually calls for a Caesarian delivery.

Breech positions can come in three different styles namely the Frank breech, the Complete breech and the Footling breech. There is actually no exact reason why babies take the breech position but others attribute this to uterus problems or early labor.

Family Doctor said it is important for pregnant women to get checked by their doctors as they get closer to their delivery date to determine if she has a breech pregnancy. While not all breech pregnancies require a C-section, vaginal or normal delivery can cause injuries to the baby. It can also lead to umbilical cord complications and even brain or nerve damage. Cesarian delivery is also not without risks as it can also lead to infection and bleeding.

Pregnant women should see their doctors on a regular basis to determine if the baby is breached and also to plan for a safe delivery.

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