Parenting Trends: Parents Likely To Embrace These Trends In Child Care & Rearing In 2017

Parenting is ever-evolving. As such, new trends emerge to help parents navigate their toughest role in child care and rearing. What likely parenting trends will moms and dads embrace in 2017? Below are some projections.

Over-sharing or "sharenting" might see a shift in 2017. While parents naturally and enthusiastically share their kids' proudest moments online with photos and anecdotes, others could become more selective and opt to protect their children's privacy.

This parenting trend is seeing more parents becoming aware of the fallout of over-sharing. The stuff they have blogged and posted about their children could remain on the internet for years.

"This first generation of children who grew up on social media are coming of age and they're just now entering adulthood and the job market," law professor and family advocate Stacey Steinberg told The Atlantic. Searching their profiles could affect their job prospects and future relationships, thus some parents are becoming more discerning and careful about what they put out there.

Gender neutral toys could become a hot parenting trend in 2017. As society is slowly pushing off stereotypes, more parents could be looking for new and creative tools to help their kids understand the concept of equal rights. The toy industry is helping usher in this shift as gender labels are disappearing in shelves and online stores, such as Target's move, according to the Washington Post.

Paid parental leave policy in companies should see more improvements in 2017. According to Time, state-level initiatives have already rolled out and this parenting trend could pick up steam even during an uncertain Trump presidency. There's a growing advocacy for paid parental leave and it could be enough to make the government act on a policy that would greatly benefit American families.

What parenting trend would you love to see take off in 2017? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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