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Ernst & Young Offers Full Parental Leave Benefits

Dads  25 April '17

Paternity Leave In The US: 38 Percent Of Ernst & Young Dads Enjoying Parental Leave Benefits

Ernst & Young puts value in families as employees enjoy full parental leave benefits for 16 weeks.

Anne Hathaway On Her Husband

News  16 March '17

Anne Hathaway Talks Mom-Shaming And Needing Her Husband For His 'Unique And Specific Love'

Anne Hathaway and husband Adam Shulman married in 2012 and share a son together. Jonathan is almost a year old.

Starbucks Holds Annual Shareholders Meeting

Family Life  23 January '17

Starbucks' New Paid Parental Leave Policy: 18 Weeks For Moms & 12 Weeks For Dads, Tops Other Major Food Chains

The previous benefit covered six weeks partially paid leaves for moms and no pay for dads.

Celtics Visit Boston Children's Hospital for Crafting and Caroling with Patients

Family Life  6 December '16

Parenting Trends: Parents Likely To Embrace These Trends In Child Care & Rearing In 2017

As changes come, some parenting styles won't likely work anymore or see big improvements. Here's a projection of what can happen next year.

GLAAD Gala San Francisco

Family Life  4 November '16

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Is Grateful For Parental Leave; Encourages Parents To Take More Time Off From Work

The Silicon Valley top executive juggles her time between work and raising five kids with husband Dennis Troper.

Kentucky v Alabama

Family Life  8 October '16

Paid Parental Leave [LATEST UPDATES]: How Tech Companies Outplayed US Presidential Candidates Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump’s Paid Family Leave Platforms

State employees in the United States are about to acquire a new benefit if Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton or Republican nominee Donald Trump will win the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections after they both proposed their paid parental leave platforms. However, it seems that tech companies have already outplayed Clinton and Trump.

NZ Prepares For Release Of Budget

Family Life  12 September '16

Paid Parental Leave News & Updates: Who Would Take Advantage Of Paid Parental Leave?

As the conservatives urged the government for paid parental leave, widely-accepted analysis and past evidence revealed that women of child-bearing age would pay for the said benefit.

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