Utah High School Stabbing Update: 16-Year-Old Teen Who Injured Five Other Students Has Suicidal, Harmful Thoughts Since He Was Young

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald December 07, 08:39 am

The teenager from Orem, Utah who stabbed five other students in a locker room before classes started reportedly had suicidal and harmful thoughts. Investigators said that these thoughts were manifested even when he was a young child.

The search warrant was unsealed on Monday and investigators said that the unnamed 16-year-old arrived at the Mountain View High School last Nov. 15 with five knives and long wooden sticks. The Denver Post reported that the teenager had the intention to harm his classmates and he purposefully went to the locker room because it is where he will find a large group of students.

The victims did not suffer life-threatening injuries during the attack. The teenager reportedly told officials that he used his cellphone, his tablet and his mother's computer to search about planning the attack and communicating his plan.

It was unclear what he meant by communicating or if there were other people involved in the attack. He reportedly planned the attack days before it was consummated.

The police detective who wrote the affidavit said, "[The teen] stated he has had suicidal and harmful thoughts since a very young age. There is no apparent motive or cause for the stabbing. [He] was reported to be 'elated' as he was attacking different students with the knife."

The 16-year-old teen also reportedly left a suicide not at his Orem home for his parents to find and read. The teenager also stabbed himself after attacking the five other students. Due to the incident, the teenager was charged as a juvenile with five counts of attempted murder and other misdemeanor charges.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, attempted murder is a first-degree felony. He remains at the 4th District Juvenile CourtProsecutors are yet to decide if the teen will eventually be charged as an adult.

Meanwhile, the first court appearance of the teen took place last week. Juvenile Judge Douglas Nielsen has ordered a competency evaluation for the 16-year-old. He will be back in court on Feb. 14.

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