Pregnancy Facts: What Woman Need To Know About Blighted Ovum

By alexa ancheta, Parent Herald December 07, 06:25 pm

The American Academy of Pediatrics reported that miscarriage is fairly common in most pregnancies even not only during the first few weeks but even after the pregnancy has been clinically diagnosed through ultrasound. Some miscarriages happen even before the woman became aware of the pregnancy especially when the fetal tissue is expelled by the body without medical procedure.

Not too many women know about Blighted Ovum and that it is a form of miscarriage. Baby Center said this condition happens when no fetus has developed even after the egg has been fertilized and the placenta has developed. Some women who suffer from this condition believe they really are pregnant as shown by a pregnancy test until an ultrasound proves otherwise.

Doctors refer to blighted ovum as an early pregnancy failure and it accounts for 50% of miscarriages that occur during the first trimester. It sometimes happens in twin pregnancy when one of the eggs is fertilized but failed to develop normally. In this case, the twin egg develops normally.

Web MD  said the presence of an embryo should be detected during the first six weeks with the gestational sac where the fetus is found growing around 18 millimeters wide. But in the case of Blighted Ovum, there is no embryo although there is a pregnancy sac.

Blighted Ovum has been traced to chromosomes problems which could mean sperm or egg that is of poor quality. It can also be caused by abnormal division of the cell but no matter the reason, this abnormality is recognized by the body and the pregnancy is stopped. Women should understand that they have not caused the miscarriage and there is nothing they can do to prevent the condition.

A woman who has experienced Blighted Ovum usually worries about getting pregnant again. Blighted Ovum said it is possible to have a successful pregnancy after the miscarriage but it is best to check with the doctor if it is medically practical to get pregnant right away. Those who have had a D&C after a Blighted Ovum are sometimes advised to wait for at least three months to get pregnant again considering that the uterus lining has become thinner after the procedure.

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