Missouri Mother Kills Own Son After Rolling Over And Smothering Baby; Mom Admits Using Marijuana, Xanax, Methamphetamine Before Son’s Death

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald December 08, 05:00 am

A three-month-old baby reportedly died from being smothered and rolled over by his mother. The mother has been arrested and charged. Authorities also discovered that she used marijuana, Xanax and methamphetamine prior to her son's death.

KSPR reported that the mother, 21-year-old Arizona Sallee, also lied about what happened then tried to evade the officers for her not to be arrested. Based on the reports, someone has called emergency responders at a home located at 1939 Hollow Road on Nov. 26 and they found the mother holding the baby, who was no longer breathing and had blood around his nose.

The child looked like he had no pulse and paramedics were called. Unfortunately, the boy was pronounced dead.

A deputy coroner and detectives were also called to the scene. A sheriff's deputy asked Sallee to show where the baby was sleeping and claimed that he was in a small bassinette on top of a vanity. She also claimed that she still saw the boy alive at 5 a.m. because she changed his diaper. She also reportedly told the deputy that she believed she did nothing to cause the death of the baby.

Another deputy talked to Salle and her boyfriend. She repeated the same story and noted that when she woke up a second time, she found the baby no longer breathing, thus calling 911. She said that she performed CPR on the baby and noticed the blood coming from his mouth and nose.

The mother then admitted that she has been using Xanax, marijuana and meth in the days before the death of the baby. However, she denied she was under the influence of drugs when the baby died, KY3 reported.

Sallee added the baby has been staying with a couple in Marshfield up to Nov. 23 .She also revealed about signing a power of attorney to the couple until she could take care of some warrants.

She noted that her family also wanted her to give the baby up for adoption and wanted to give the child to his biological father, who is in New Jersey. It remained unclear what is the bearing of these statements will be in the charge against her, which is involuntary manslaughter.

Meanwhile, the boy died from asphyxiation and blood was found on a bed sheet countering the claims that the baby was sleeping in a crib.When the detectives re-interviewed the boyfriend of Sallee, he admitted that the baby was in bed with them and that they agreed to lie about their story regarding where the baby was sleeping.

As of press time, no court date or appearance have been scheduled. It was not stated if a funeral has been held for the baby or if the boy was buried right after.

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