Mindful Parenting: A Simple And Powerful Solution For Raising Creative, Engaged, Happy Kids In Today’s Hectic World

By Sammuel Larson, Parent Herald December 09, 09:30 pm

Mindfulness has been gaining traction as a way of improving individual well-being, from our health to our happiness and resilience. But according to critics, some mindfulness practitioners focus too much on self-improvement, to the point of becoming self-absorbed.

A lot of parents say that mindful parenting is the key to overcome guilt over scolding children and making the home a happy place for the little ones. But what exactly is mindful parenting and how do parents adopt this genius technique and enjoy its results?

Perhaps the biggest dilemma of every parent is how to make their children feel that they are present. After all, raising a kid involves a lot of time and dedication. However, hectic mornings and stressful days at work can easily trigger loving parents to raise their voice and use harsh language against their kids. And the guilt that comes after seeing the teary little eyes of the frightened kid is worse, as per Psych Alive.

What is mindful parenting? Does it translate to letting children loose and do whatever they want for the sake of peace? Does employing this parenting style require a lot of extra work?

According to The Huffington Post, mindful parenting is achieving a state of awareness that stems from attentively paying attention to the world around you. It is about being fully present and savoring a moment spent with children.

Parents try to catch up with the fast pace of working life every single day. It has become difficult for them to focus on one thing at a time. Exhaustion causes parents to become frustrated, anxious and burned out. Too much stress deprives parents the ability to actually be truly involved with their kids.

Taken together, parents are encouraged to be more mindful, responsive parents and give less harsh punishments or yell. It may indirectly help kids to avoid some of the risks of adolescence, such as depression, anxiety, acting out and drug use.

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