Long Distance Parenting: What Impact Does It Have On Children?

Parents have to make decisions and sometimes these decisions include going away from their children. The sacrifices they had to secure their children's future could have some positive and negative impacts on their kids.

When parents have to go to a different place for work or for studies, ultimately children have to live with their relatives, and they may not serve as the best substitute for parents. But a girl shares her story who was lucky enough to have a support both by her parents and relatives.

The Gleaner tells about Claudia Frys, whose mother emigrated when she was eight years old and her father also left when she completed her high school. Frys, who's now a university graduate in social science, says that looking back at her life, she thinks that things would not be the same if her mother was around.

Frys says that her relationship with her father was very strong and she shared everything with him. He always made sure that she and her brother get what they needed. Although when he also had to leave, things were a bit difficult for Claudia.

About her mother, Frys hadn't had an emotional bonding but at the same time she talked to her on the phone and had always discussed her education. She believes that parents, even if they're away, can keep a healthy relationship with their children by fulfilling their duties.

Frys said that it has actually helped her in making decisions about her life as she felt more independent.
She also pointed out that some parents try to make up for their absence by agreeing to all their
demands, which can only damage the child.

She said that her mother was always skeptical about the things she asked for which helped her realize the value of many things. She said that for parents, the key is to stay in their children's lives and long distance parenting could, in fact, help the child.

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