'Titanfall 2' Latest News and Update: New Gun Built by Nick Brick is Made Out of 'Lego'

Two barrels has built a slick-looking reproduction of the Alternator SMG from "Titanfall 2". It will also feature some bonus hand mounted time-travel, a device that came from a level Effect and Cause.

In a video, the 1:1 replica of the Alternator is presented. It includes working magazine, trigger, and bolt handle according to Gamespot.  It also has a first person camera that can produce a surprisingly impressive take of the real world on the reload and firing animations of the weapon

It is not the first weapon made out of Lego that is created by Brick out of a video game. Other games such as "Borderlands", "Battlefield 1", "Destiny", "Halo" and a lot more came from Brick and made by Lego.

Brick is also the builder of "Ronin" and "Northstar Titans". Unfortunately, it was not used since the game has been released. In the recent Game Awards, "Titanfall 2" has been declared as the Best Online Multiplayer award.

Nick Brick is popular for wide choices of amazing replicas and he has also built the Alternator SMG from "Titanfall 2" according to Cultured Vultures. It will be available in Lego.

Brick puts some fancy special effects on the gun. He only used some working magazine, bolt handle and working magazine to make the gun work. Additional new weapons have been included in the lineup of futuristic firearms of "Titanfall2".

The Alternator is so unique and it is a multi-barreled weapon. It is a Lego replica that started with the grip and mag well. Nick Brick revealed that he has also faced a difficult situation when he was building the Alternator.

He was quite challenged because he wanted to have a letter "A" shape for body, grip, and mag well so it can be easily spotted. It was hard for him, because in the game model, the mag well is sand blue. Unfortunately, he only has a limited selection of "Lego" elements to work with.

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