Before You Plan To Be A Parent, You Must Eliminate This One Word In Your Life Or You Won't Survive It

By Louise Malfoy, Parent Herald December 13, 09:30 pm

It is not easy being a parent. Before anyone decides to become one finally, it is only right that he or she knows that things are about to change and most of the time, it doesn't promise comfort. There are things that one needs to eliminate in their life to do parenting right and one of which is fear.

One must know that parenting means to be ready for responsibilities and most of the time, it is going to be scary. According to Montgomery Advertiser, fear cannot be a part of a person's mindset when parenting is the subject. But is it even possible to completely remove fear just to have success in parenting?

To be courageous is deeper than not fearing at all. In fact, AHA Parenting said that courage is not the absence of fear. The reality is there will always be times that you will feel frightened. Being courageous means facing that fear and being able to recognize that you are afraid. To have courage as a parent ways to be able to function still and think with reason despite that fear inside of you.

At the end of the day, it is all about perspective and believing that everything is going to be okay. Many would say that you have to be ready to become a parent. But then again, no one is willing for it. Even the most organized and prepared person would still not be ready for the many surprises of parenting.

One should see it as a conundrum that means you can't be ready for it, but still be willing. To be a parent is a commitment one makes to himself and his future children that no matter what happens, he won't walk out on it.

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