Yay Or Nay? Marijuana-Printed Pants For Toddlers Being Sold On Amazon; Parents, Anti-Drug Activists Not Happy Over Clothing Advertisement

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald December 14, 06:00 pm

Marijuana-printed leggings are being sold on Amazon to children as young as three years old and the posting has since been facing a backlash. Parents and anti-drug activists are not happy about such item of clothing.

One parent said that an innocent child is the issue here since having marijuana-printed clothing is not the right thing to do. The Executive Director of Drug-Free Charlotte, Rian Ramseyer, said in a statement that having the pants up on the Amazon website means that people are advertising it and they are showing acceptability over the matter, FOX 4 reported.

The company that is selling the pants via Amazon is said to be based in Asia called AOSHILONG-Baby. The pants are for girls ages three to eight, UPI noted. The pants originally cost $46.40 but have been marked down to $5.99 to $7.

The advertiser reportedly described the pants as leggings with printed leaves. However, when one looks at it longer, cannabis leaves were seen digitally printed on the leggings.

A grandparent said that the pants would be very inappropriate for a three-year-old and such item of clothing should not be advertised. Another grandparent shared, "A little link that says if you find anything inappropriate please let us know and you can click on the link right from that page and that's just what I did." That grandparent was not able to get any response from Amazon.

The parents who have expressed their disgust over the Amazon item believe that the company lacks labeling and has poor taste. Amazon is yet to comment on the matter.

Marijuana has been a hot issue in the past years and months as many parents want medical marijuana to be legalized in different states across the country. Others, on the other hand, have voted during the November elections, that recreational marijuana should be made legal.

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