'WWE 2K17' New Moves Pack Has Just Arrived; 2K Sports Pulls Out Their Holiday Treat For All The Wrestling Fans

By Troy Woodridge, Parent Herald December 15, 06:36 am

2K Sports has just launched their Christmas gift for all the WWE fans, 2K has released a massive number of new moves for "WWE 2K17." The "WWE 2K17" New Moves Pack is finally out, which brought a lot of killer moves to a more intense wrestling match.

Ankle Lock 2, Straight Jacket Backstabber and Fallaway Moonsault Slam are just 3 of the killer moves added on the "WWE 2K17" move list. 2K Sports delivers an update to add a massive list of moves to the New Moves Pack that was released a few days ago, the WWG confirmed.

The "WWE 2K17" New Moves Pack includes some of the most devastating maneuvers from several WWE superstars from previous and current generations. Also, some of the moves on the New Moves Pack was taken from the wrestling superstar on NXT Wrestling.

The "WWE 2K17" New Moves Pack features signature moves like Charlotte's Swingout Neckbreaker, Zack Ryder's Elbro Drop, Samoa Joe's face Wash Combo and TPJ Clutch by the WWE Superstar T.J. Perkins. More than 35 killer moves are confirmed to appear in the new "WWE 2K17" New Moves Pack as per the Attack of the Fan Boy confirmed, which they provide the full list of the new moves.

Aside from the new moves, an all new "WWE 2K17" Universe Mode is also present. This game mode is for those WWE fans who loved to compete using their favorite WWE Superstar in a Rivalry Championship Match. The "WWE 2K17" Universe Mode can be customized, from show design up to WWE brand split.

The Woth Playing reported that the "WWE 2K17" New Moves Pack will be considered as the Holiday downloadable content this year. The DLC can be downloaded on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for just $3.99.

2K Sports as the leader in video game sports genre brought us the "WWE 2K17" as the latest installment of the top wrestling game of this generation. Stunning graphics, realistic textures and authentic WWE moves with several stuffs were offered by the latest "WWE 2K17" to us.

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