Breastfeeding Tree Of Life: How To Create Stunning Images That's A Hit Among Moms Online [PHOTOS]

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald December 19, 04:00 am

Moms on social media are embracing another trend that highlights the beauty of breastfeeding. The breastfeeding Tree Of Life images feature breastfeeding selfies -- also known as brelfies -- presented in an artistic way.

The breastfeeding Tree of Life photos are spiling over Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media photo-sharing sites. According to Scary Mommy, mothers post their images with a bit of anecdotes so that each upload is personal and inspirational.

The trend helps normalize breastfeeding as the creations become stunning artworks that won't make other people uncomfortable to see. Below are some examples of the breastfeeding Tree of Life images as seen on Instagram.

#normalizebreastfeeding #brelfie #treeoflife A photo posted by Amber Armstrong (@amberarmstrongg) on Dec 18, 2016 at 12:59pm PST

Interested in also joining in the fray? Below is how you can create your own breastfeeding Tree of Life masterpieces.

First, moms need to download a free phone app called Pics Art on either Android or IOS and then register for an account. Then, prepare two photos -- one is the actual breastfeeding photo and another is the Tree of Life.

Finding a Tree of Life photo is easy via Google Images. Use search words like "tree of life" or "trees with roots" and then pick out the image you think would work best for your brelfies.

On Pics Art, press the middle button to upload the brelfies and then "add picture" for the trees with roots photo. The image of the trees should be transparent. If not, there is also a way to edit this image on Pics Art.

Use the "cutout" button found at the bottom of the app to make photo backgrounds transparent. This process will take a while as one zooms, selects and highlights the sections to be included in the tree.

Once the cutout is done, simply press apply. Then pick out the blending tool in the app to smoothen out the photos. Press apply again before proceeding to the turn the image into a magical artwork. To do this, select the "magic" button in the menu and pick out effects.

Each effect that's added to the breastfeeding Tree of Life photo will be laid over. Either cancel the previous effect first or keep adding. Play around with this until you get the desired outcome and then save your photo.

According to Adventures of A Novice Mom, the creations aren't just for sharing on social media. Moms can create greeting cards and other items out of the breastfeeding Tree of Life photos to have a memento they can keep forever.

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