Unfair Punishment? Former Security Guard Mussie Debresay Gets 11 Years Behind Bars After Stomping Girlfriend's Two-Year-Old Daughter To Death

A former security guard identified as Mussie Debresay has been sentenced to 11 years behind bars after it was proven that he stomped to death the two-year-old daughter of his girlfriend. Based on the reports, he inflicted serious physical injuries on the toddler after she urinated on his couch in the middle of the night as he stomped on the abdomen of the child.

The toddler died of massive internal bleeding a day after the assault, Deccan Chronicle reported. The child was taken to a local hospital in an unconscious state and the doctors tried to revive her but they were unsuccessful. The incident took place on May 13, 2005.

Debresay was arrested after the brother of the toddler hit the victim after peeing on the couch. Initially, Debresay tried to cover up the crime by noting that the child fell off of the couch. According to authorities, the child was taken to the hospital several hours after the incident but her life could have been saved if she was given medical assistance earlier right after the incident took place.

The Age reported that the 38-year-old held back tears while the sentence was handed down by Justice Terry Forrest. He was found guilty of manslaughter and not murder this year. He has to serve eight years as the minimum sentence and will be eligible for parole after that so he might be able to be free by not completing the 11-year sentence.

Justice Forrest pointed out that Debresay took the job of disciplining his partner's three children and the breach of trust that the toddler has given him was regarded as gross. Forrest added, "You assumed responsibility for [her] welfare; at just two years of age her vulnerability to you was absolute. Your abuse of her trust through the imposition of physical force was also absolute."

Forrest also noted that although Debresay's actions were due to anger and frustration and were spontaneous, adults are still responsible to look after children. Forrest also said that the sentencing of Debresay could possibly prevent other adults from abusing children. Debresay has already served 307 days in custody and that will be deducted from the total number of years he has to spend behind bars.

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