Bragging Gone Wrong? Stepmother Gloats Over Dallas Cowboys' Victory, Stepson Stabs Her To Death

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald December 23, 11:14 am

A stepmother was bragging and gloating about the win of Dallas Cowboys but that gesture took a turn for the worst. Her stepson, who is bipolar and was off his medications when the attack happened, fatally stabbed her to death.

Ottawa Sun reported the suspect was identified as Pontrey O'Neal Jones and police said he believed his stepmother, Magdalena Ruiz, was gloating when she went on about the win of Dallas Cowboys over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers over the weekend. Jones then got a knife and stabbed Ruiz repeatedly in the chest. He fled the scene naked and was found lying on a nearby street in Austin, Texas. Ruiz did not survive her injuries.

As per the police reports, Jones was informed that Ruiz died and he seemed relieved of the information he received. Police said that he confessed for stabbing Ruiz multiple times as he believed that a single stab wound would not kill her.

Jones then went on to tell officials that he is bipolar and has not been on his prescribed medications for two years now. He also told authorities that taking medications will slow him down but it was unclear what he meant by that.

Jones further revealed that he wanted to break his sister's neck but changed his mind so he stabbed his stepmother. He hid a steak knife underneath a couch and when he heard Ruiz disrespecting his father, he retrieved the knife and attacked his stepmother. His dad was only able to intervene after Jones stabbed his stepmother multiple times.

New York Post also reported that Jones recently moved to the home of his dad and stepmom but it was not stated where he has been living in the past. Meanwhile, Jones has been charged with murder and is in jail on a $500,000 bond.

A page was set up for Ruiz in order to cover the funeral expenses. Jones' father has yet to release any statement about the matter.

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