A New Wave Of Horror Took Toll After Child Was Shot Dead In Car

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald December 24, 06:40 am

A three-year-old was sitting was traveling with his grandmother. Little did he know what was going to happen. The whole entire media was shaken by horror as the little boy was gunshot while he was sitting in the car.

The one accused of the crime is in the captivity of the police officers. As reported by the speaker of the police department, the reason for the murder of the kid was actually a very confusing and disturbing one. The grandmother of the kid had gone for shopping, and a guy beeped at the old woman for driving the car at a very slow pace.

So the conclusions were that the boy was killed in a road ''temper'' incident. The police had been offering huge amounts to the people in order to get some more information on what had happened so that they could arrest the crime-committer, according to Fox News.

Last Saturday, it was mentioned that the culprit who was driving behind the woman, was infuriated that she was not driving fast enough and instead was driving at a controlled pace. The short-tempered man started to honk the buzzer of his motor, the old woman got confused and did the same.

At this, the man got off his vehicle and took out his gun, and shot into the woman's car. As The Edition reports, the bullet got straight in and hit the three-year-old boy. However, the woman did not realize that the boy was hit, until she had driven some miles and looked at the boy and found him injured and wounded.

The boy was taken to the hospital, where the doctors told them that they were hopeless and the boy passed away. The police continued to investigate. They believe that the boy and the aged woman did not know the criminal or the gunman personally before he shot the boy. But now, the grandmother recognizes him as the killer of her grandson.


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