Local Teenagers Who Have Saved Lives Via CPR Will Be Honored At This Year's Rose Parade

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald December 28, 11:52 am

More and more teenagers are able to save lives via CPR and some of them will be celebrated at an annual parade. The Rose Parade this year is said to celebrate their local teens.

Daily News reported that the float for these teenagers will be called "Keep the Beat Alive." The honoring comes after the passage of a new California law that will provide CPR training to high school students yearly.

Julie Carruthers, a member of the American Heart Association board, said in a statement that they want everyone in the world to know CPR. The newly-passed law will allow a number of people, who will be able to know CPR and apply it in the future, to grow.

Carruthers added that around 70 percent of people who experience cardiac arrest could have been saved but they did not get their heart massaged. Chest compressions, without mouth-to-mouth CPR, will also be part of the program and it could also save lives.

Eighty percent of cardiac arrests also take place at homes so having at least one person per household who knows CPR could save lives. Carruthers added CPR is a simple technique but it is extremely effective.

The program will then require high school students to go home and teach the technique to three more people. It is required that students undergo the program and will be available in 28 states.

The Rose Parade will be on Jan. 2. One of the people saved via CPR was identified as Melissa Ziebell of Pasadena. She will be riding the float in the upcoming parade.

More on the Rose Parade, Whittier Daily News reported that tickets could be purchased via www.sharpseating.com. Fruits, seeds, grass and flowers will be seen being placed on the floats by professionals and volunteers.

The floats could also be seen after the parade. The viewing will run from 1 to 4 p.m. on Jan. 2 and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Jan. 3. General admission is at $13 per person and children five years old and below will be given free entrance.


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