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School Lunch Rules Changes

Parenting  5 May '17

School Lunch Rule Changes Concern Health Experts: Why Fix Something Not Broken?

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue will allow a more flexible school lunch rule beginning in the 2017-2018 school year.

Rose Parade

Teens/Young Adults  28 December '16

Local Teenagers Who Have Saved Lives Via CPR Will Be Honored At This Year's Rose Parade

Teenagers who have saved lives via CPR will be honored at the Rose Parade this year.

Candy Sales Prove To Be Recession Proof As Sales Rise

School Age  7 November '16

Restricting Children’s Sugar Intake: The Most Effective Tips For Parents

Parents aren't always around to limit their kids' consumption of sweets. How can parents restrict their kids' sugar intake then? Here are some effective tips from experts.

Germany Faces Shortage Of Child Day Care Capacity

Nutrition  14 September '16

Young Children’s Reading Skills Can Be Improved By Healthy Diets Like The Mediterranean, Baltic Sea & Finnish

Approximately 161 Finnish children were orientated to follow healthy diet recommendations: the Mediterranean diet, the Baltic Sea diet, and the Finnish diet. All three diets contain a high amount of fish, vegetables, fruits, berries, and unsaturated fats.

Life In Palestine

Body  18 August '16

Exercise Won’t Compensate For Sitting Too Much: Inactivity Raises Risk Of Diabetes, Heart Problems & Death

Prolonged sitting encourages high blood pressure and increased cholesterol, factors that contribute to heart disorders. Other health hazards are muscle degeneration, overworked pancreas, cancer, soft leg bones, poor blood circulation in legs, bad back, strained neck, and slower brain function.

Summer In Berlin

Body  17 August '16

Health News: People Should Sit Less And Move More, According To Heart Experts

Being inactive can mean facing a greater chance of having heart disease.

Fishermen Prepare and Sell the Daily Catch in Essaouira Port

Body  3 August '16

Heart Health: Omega-3 Fatty Acids From Fish Oil Can Help People Heal After Suffering From A Heart Attack

Omega 3 fatty acids helps improve the hearts of people who have had a heart attack.

Michelle Obama Hosts Kids State Dinner At White House

Body  6 July '16

Americans And Nutritionists Have Conflicting Opinions On What They Consider Healthy Food

Plenty of Americans think granola bars are healthy because it contains oats, dried fruits and nuts. Nutritionists, however, think granola and granola bars are overrated.

Inside The ICU

Health/Nutrition  29 April '16

5 Signs You Could Be At Risk Of A Stroke

The risk factors of a stroke include the regular consumption of processed meats, high blood pressure, and a personal and family history of stroke.

A Starbucks Corp. Location Ahead Of Earnings Figures

Food  18 February '16

Your Favorite Starbucks Coffee May Just Contain 25 Teaspoons Of Sugar

A recent survey conducted by Action on Sugar found that your Starbucks coffee cup may contain 25 teaspoons of sugar!

Emergency Room In Baghdad Hospital

Food  10 February '16

February Celebrates American Heart Association Month :Pursuing For A Healthy Heart Through A Healthy Lifestyle

February celebrates the American Heart Association month that aims to promote a healthy heart through a healthy lifestyle to reduce death.


Food  22 January '16

Study: Increased Consumption Of Polyunsaturated Fats May Save Millions of Lives From Dying Of Heart Disease

Policy makers around the globe have had their priorities all wrong when it comes to nutrition, according to a study that came out in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

Google Life Science Logo

Health/Nutrition  9 November '15

American Heart Association & Google Team Up for ‘1 Team 1 Vision’ Against Heart Disease

AHA and Google team up on a $50 million research project committed to determine and prevent causes of heart disease.

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