Poisonous Phosphine Gas Kills 4 Children At Home, Leaving 6 In Critical Condition

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald January 04, 05:09 pm

A horrifying news recently surfaced in which four children at a Texas home died of pesticide poisoning. Along with the kids, six other people have severely suffered and are currently hospitalized.

The reason for the tragedy is thought to be a poisonous gas, which was released when a pesticide was mixed with water. This pesticide had been sprayed on that house and as someone tried washing it away, the gas turned toxic, leading to 4 deaths and 6 in critical conditions.

According to New York Post, this gas is believed to be phosphine, which can be a product of mixing the chemicals in pest control with water. No particular cause of the death has been disclosed yet for the four little children. In addition, it was reported that the six people affected by this poisonous gas are still not out of danger since their conditions were extremely critical.

The captain of the Amarillo Fire Department, Larry Davis, said in an announcement that when the crews initially got the call about the incident at 5:00 in the morning, they believed the poisoning was due to the toxic gas, carbon monoxide. However, it was later discovered that this was not the case. Out of the four child deaths, one died right on the spot whereas the other three died in the hospital.

As Washington Times explains, no information about these children has been released yet. Neither the ages of the children or their relation to each other has been told. Furthermore, no clues to identify the kids have been disclosed either. It is only known that they all lived in that house together. Davis also reported that the responders were taken to the hospital too to ensure that they had not suffered from the poisonous gas.

Meanwhile, for more added information about the tragedy, watch the video below. For more news and updates, check out Parent Herald. 

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