British Man Pregnant? 20-Year-Old Transgender Reveals Pregnancy After Having A Sperm Donor

By alexa ancheta, Parent Herald January 08, 07:50 pm

A 20-year old transgender identified as Hayden Cross revealed his pregnancy, making him the first man in Britain to admit he was pregnant. Cross, who was born a girl, was on his way to transition as a man when he decided to have a baby using a sperm donor tracked down through Facebook.

Cross, who is four months pregnant, said he was glad about the pregnancy but admitted he is concerned about people's reaction, considering how some people think of transgenders. Despite his current condition, he revealed that he is bent on undergoing surgery after giving birth, to complete his transition into a man.

"There are a lot of small-minded people out there," Cross said, Daily Mirror quoted. "I think people will judge me because I came out as trans and now I am pregnant. People think you can't be a man and have a baby, but it isn't that simple.

The publication added Cross had been living as a man and taking male hormones for three years before the pregnancy. He has decided to remain single for a while to make sure he becomes the best dad to his baby but the former Asda employee is presently unemployed.

According to The Sun, Cross found his sperm donor through the internet, particularly though a Facebook group, which has already been shut down. He said the sperm was given to him by the donor inside a pot for free. Cross said he did not know the donor as he would not even disclose his name. He used a syringe to inject himself with the sperm for the first attempt and got lucky.

Meanwhile, Christian News Today reported Cross tried to have his eggs frozen but this was denied by the NHS in England. Freezing the eggs can cost an estimated £4,000 per cycle but NHS refused to pay for this. Cross said he could not also afford the fees imposed by private clinics for freezing the eggs so he turned to the internet.

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