Adoptive Mother, Boyfriend Face Charges For Death, Dismemberment Of 14-Year-Old Daughter After Making Their Rape-Murder Fantasy Into Reality

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald January 09, 09:50 am

An adoptive mother and her boyfriend have been charged in the death of a 14-year-old teenager, who was found last year. The teen's dismembered remains were discovered in October and authorities believe she was killed due to the couple's a rape-murder fantasy.

The girl was from Pennsylvania and the first person charged was the boyfriend while the adoptive mother was charged hours after. According to ABC 7, the mother was identified as Sara Packer while the boyfriend was identified as Jacob Sullivan.

The couple was charged with rape, murder and kidnapping. They have been also ordered to be held without bail.

The girl was identified as Grace Packer and Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub said the couple had a rape-murder fantasy, which was described as gruesome, heinous and horrible fantasy. What was more appalling was the fact that the couple turned their fantasy into a reality. They noted that they have evidence to prove that it was a rape-murder fantasy shared by the two.

Sullivan and Grace, who lived in Quaker Town, Pennsylvania, tried to kill themselves on Dec. 30 by drug overdose. They were, however, found by their relatives before they died. Sullivan then confessed to the crime when they were in the hospital, as per police report.

Weintraub said that Sullivan also confessed to making everyone believe that Grace Packer was still alive in order to collect money from her identification. ABC News reported that Grace was taken to the attic of the home that the couple rented on July 8, where she was beaten and raped by Sullivan.

Sarah watched the incident and later, Grace was poisoned, bound and gagged. Hours after, the couple returned to the home but found that she was still alive so Sullivan strangled her to death. They then used cat litter to mask the odor of the body and in October, they dismembered the body after feeling scared due to a police visit.

The torso of the teenager was found by hunters in a Luzerne County park. With the help of K-9 teams, they found the arms and the legs of the teenager nearby.

Sara was previously charged with child endangerment and obstruction. She gave conflicting statements regarding the whereabouts of her adopted daughter claiming that Grace ran away from home after they had an argument. Despite Grace being dead, Sarah still kept getting her daughter's monthly Social Security checks that amounted to $700.

No court dates have been set for the couple yet. The investigation, on the other hand, is still ongoing.

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